Join the Launch!

School year 2023-24

Help local families go green!

Get your school, scout troop, 4-H Club

or other organization involved!

  • 100+ "Green Actions" with links to providers
  • Coloring book pages, word and math puzzles, inspirational quotations
  • In English and Spanish
  • An indigenous perspective on Earth friendly living

"I recommend this book to anyone concerned about

preserving a liveable planet for ourselves, our

children and grandchildren."

- Allan Lichtman, Historian/Educator




The Green Actioneers Activity Book is a vital resource for families that want to save money and “go green.” With over 108 actions to choose from, everyone can have fun while saving the planet.



Encourage other families to create a clean and green future for your school, community, state, country, and the World. Share your progress on social media to track your journey.



Your school/PTA can make money on every book that families buy. Hold Family Night in person (see pages xii and xiii of The Green Actioneers Activity Book for instructions on starting your own program)

About The Author

Hi, I'm Dave from Green Actioneers - nice to meet you!

Join the Launch Team - Our goal is to enlist the help of 100 or more schools or other organizations to help launch the Green Actioneers Family Action Guide on or near Earth Day, April 22, 2022, and to help those organizations maintain momentum as families save money, save energy, save water and create a clean and green future for their kids.


  • FREE digital version of the entire 266-page Green Actioneers Family Action Guide - You can share the link with decision-makers;

  • Buy at least one book so you can understand how substantial and exciting this program will be, and show it around to build up anticipation;

  • Use the actual and digital books to get everyone excited about the prospect for being part of the launch;

  • Poll your families to gauge attendance and then pre-order enough actual print books to put one into the hands of each family that will participate;

  • Schedule "Green Actioneers Family Night" on or around Friday, April 22, 2022;

  • Reserve an ample space for your Launch event in the gym or cafeteria and publicize it widely with families

  • As they come into the space hand each family a copy of the Green Actioneers Family Action Guide;

  • Families sit on the floor and go through the book for about ten minutes discovering actions they can take;

  • Go around the room getting families to report on the actions they will take; if other families agree their kids jump up and shout "We can do that too!"

  • Ask parents to volunteer to be on the school "Green Team," and have them come to the front of the room for recognition. Take a photo.

Every Family Leaves With a Book

(Note: In case COVID persists, get books into the hands of families in advance

of Family Night and hold your event on Zoom.)

After Family Night there are two organizations that can help you continue a program;

For full details on Green Actioneers Family Night and the launch please see

pages xii and xiii in the Green Actioneers Family Action Guide.

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